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Hako Scrubmaster B5 ORB

The new lightness: The Scrubmaster B5 ORB makes surfaces accessible for machine-assisted cleaning that could previously only be reached with a hand mop. And it does so with great mobility, excellent manoeuvrability and little physical effort on the part of the user. Thanks to the innovative Hako-Delta-Cleaning-System with orbital drive, the operator can determine the working speed at any time and thus precisely approach narrow areas and corners. And the flat cleaning head is designed in such a way that cleaning close to walls, deep into corners and under furniture and substructures with an underclearance of as little as 120 mm is possible.

  • With innovative Hako-Delta-Cleaning-System with neutral forward drive
  • Ultra-flat, delta-shaped cleaning head for cleaning close to walls and under barriers
  • Extremely manoeuvrable, flexible and agile
  • Award-winning ergonomics: AGR quality label for particularly back-friendly, fatigue-free working (
  • Low water and power consumption as well as wear of the working tools
  • With Silent mode for noise-sensitive areas

Cleanliness in every corner: the triangular, flat cleaning head and the new orbital drive system allow cleaning close to walls – and right into corners!

Knows no barriers: thanks to the flat cleaning head and swivelling operating handle, the Scrubmaster B5 ORB reaches even difficult-to-access areas.

Easy-to-use, dynamic - trendsetting: the operating handle can be effortlessly moved forwards, backwards and sideways thanks to the integrated relief spring and actuated ball. For great flexibility during cleaning and optimum support for the user.

Excellent cleaning can be so simple: the clearly arranged, intuitive control panel is only equipped with the relevant functions. This makes the Scrubmaster B5 ORB easy to operate and requires little training – an advantage especially for frequently changing users.

Practical: the solution and recovery tank can be easily removed via the carrying handle. The design of the solution tank allows easy filling at the nearest sink. The recovery tank with fill level indicator can be quickly and easily emptied, cleaned and parked on the floor. 


Manufacturer Name of the manufacturer or brand name
Dimensions Height:30 Width:20 Depth:22
Weight 490 gm
Materials Wood / Fabric / ABS Plastic
Requires Assembly No

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